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The Lost Words The lost words for Nottinghamshire schools campaign Painted on the window of the 2018 independent bookshop of the year, five leaves books, who are based in central nottingham. THe Lost Words is a book by Robert Macfarlane & Jackie morris, which highlight 20 nature words, such as dandelion, kingfisher, conker, otter & bluebell. All 20 lost words were painted on the window for the duration of the n
WHAAM! Boy's bedroom Lincolnshire With apologies to Roy Lichtenstein, this copy of whaam! was flipped to fit the view from the bed. The comic book look is to be continued on other walls.
The green man Village pub Ropsley Lincolnshire within the dining room, this is the first of several lincolnshire-based paintings decorating the pub.
Overlooking the dining room, this scene is set in the post war years. celebrating village life, the school, farming and village sports are featured in addition to the war memorial and the pub. Painted in two tones to complement the rustic sandstone walls. the Green Man, a benevolent host, adorned with hops rather than acorns, welcomes those enjoying their pint with friends.
Dickensian Sampson West accountants London
Commissioned to paint at speed over the weekend in time for a Christmas drinks party on the Monday. this mural decorating an office wall in the heart of dickensian london celebrates a selection of favourite characters from dickens. Scrooge, with the ghost of Christmas Present, fezziwig at his festive ball, pickwick & sam weller - all are painted in the style of engravings by Phiz, whose illustrations so complemented dickens' works.
PICTURA MUSICA! Grantham Preparatory School Lincolnshire A charming commission to celebrate and inspire the children of the school. These life-sized silhouettes adorn a quarter of one long corridor. In due course, there will be science, sport & children in nature painted.
FLORAL Study/workroom Lincolnshire A bold floral decoration to a doorway - bringing the garden into the home. Bee & insect details to add life & scale.
The Royal Oak Mareham le fen Lincolnshire Painted over a weekend, this bucolic village scene, crowned by a flypast of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, welcomes patrons to this newly-opened thatched pub.
A loo with a view African panorama Hampshire Victoria Falls is the centrepiece for this decoration of a cloakroom. Rhino, Hippo, zebra & giraffe are amongst the animals of the waterhole that transport the owners back to their travels.
RAF Museum London 2.7m x 2.25m Commissioned to help promote the forthcoming RAF centenary 1918 - 2018, the mural features personnel from 1920s to a ww2 waaf & a spitfire pilot to one of today's red arrow pilots. encourage by the Twitter hashtag, visitors can have their photo taken with their favourite person and tweet. Meeting a tight deadline, this was painted in 5 days, whilst working on other projects.
FAUX MEDIEVAL STAR CEILING PRIVATE 1.5m x 3m inspired by carlise cathedral ceiling, this features gilded bosses Painted on twin plyboard panels.
GYPSY-STYLE DECORATIVE PAINTING The star of bethnal green, london Commissioned by KAI Interiors of London, this pub for old ravers, enjoys a dramatic themed facelift. Roses & stars adorn the four supporting columns, with rose panels featuring in the caravan seating area. Formal photos: Mike Purtlock
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